After a number of knock backs I was starting to lose direction and needed to refocus. A coach was suggested and Amanda was recommended amongst others. After our initial meeting I chose her as I liked the way she quickly got down to business. I think it’s really important that you chose someone you feel comfortable with. I was not expecting to focus on my personal life but over the course of our work certain aspects came up, as they linked to the way I work, which was fascinating. Amanda provided challenge throughout these sessions and really helped me to reflect deeply. I feel I have grown as a person as well as regained my focus on the next steps of my career. I look forward to working with Amanda again in the near future. I would 100% recommend Amanda as a coach.

Laura – Curriculum Lead, Wirral

Amanda’s combination of warmth, directness, support and challenge is extremely powerful. Her coaching brings together well-pitched questions that get to the heart of things, and a way of listening that encourages genuine self-reflection and – crucially – action.

Head of Department, South West England

I initially sought Amanda’s support to help me consider next steps in my teaching career. Having caught Covid the priority became managing my workload on my return to work while maintaining my health. Amanda was great in helping me to achieve this and then consider next steps and the position I wanted to pursue moving forward. Her insights as a fellow practitioner and head teacher were really useful.

Assistant Head Teacher, East London

My name is Denise Deane and this is the first time that I have taken part in coaching. When I started the sessions, I did not really have any ideas or anticipate the effect it would have and also the impact that it would have on my life. I felt very comfortable opening up and discussing what is quite personal aspects of my work life. I have been with my employer for twenty-two years. During the coaching, Amanda questioned me and encouraged me to ask questions. The coaching also helped me to focus my mind on what is important and what I want, for me. Amanda listened to me. Helped me to stay focused. I then had clear goals and an aim in sight. Although, I have only had three sessions, I know that they helped me to be confident and have a vision. By the end of my second session, I had applied for a new job, which I got. I was well prepared for the application and the interview. My colleagues at my current job have noticed the difference in me. Recently, I have made some important life changes that I probably wouldn’t have done. I am so much happier than I have been in a long time. I want to say a huge ‘thank you’ for your support. I start my new post in January 2022.

Denise, Newly appointed SENCO – Kent

Julian, Assistant PrincipalLondon

Working with Amanda was one of the most valuable learning experiences in my career to date. Her straight-talking, lead-by-example approach made her a leader that had the respect of all her staff and the wider school community and ensured that the standards in our school were extremely high. As I have developed in my career, progressing through the early stages of leadership, Amanda has frequently helped me with mentorship and coaching over the years. If ever I encounter a situation where I feel like I need the expertise of somebody more experienced, Amanda is always my first port-of-call.  What I am most grateful for, is that Amanda doesn’t just tell me how to deal with issues, she coaches me through things to enable me to develop my own skillset to use in the future.

Laura, Assistant HeadteacherLondon

[Group coaching is] a powerful tool for uncovering the inner strength and truth I knew I had but had begun to doubt. An empowering and powerful guided journey of self-discovery with an amazing group of people who went very quickly from strangers to my support network. Don’t expect easy fixes and quick solutions – instead prepare for self-discovery and outsight to bring out the best in you.

Samantha, Lead Practitioner, SLE, RE Subject Leader

I have had the privilege of working with Amanda, as part of the Senior Leadership Team. Amanda is an exceptional educator who leads with integrity and confidence. Her leadership approach is based on an ethical beliefs system where dignity and the rights of others are at the centre of every decision that she makes. During our time working together I have seen first-hand Amanda’s passion and drive in demonstrating exceptional leadership. Amanda is an advocate of the growth mindset theory and has supported me greatly in my own pursuit of leadership excellence. She has been my ‘critical friend’ throughout the duration of my NPQSL course. She challenged my thinking by always directing my actions towards impact. I have great respect to Amanda and know that, whatever she undertakes she will commit to doing her absolute best.

Anna, Assistant Headteacher – London

Amanda was my mentor who helped me develop from a Senior Teacher to an Assistant Head.  She offered invaluable advice and guidance on both a professional and personal level.  She helped me develop my leadership skills,  communication skills and highlight the value of seeing things with a different perspective.  She coached me with patience and praise, encouraging me to think about how issues could be solved through careful questioning but ultimately letting me decide the best course of action.  We developed a relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

Ranj, Assistant Headteacher – London