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Amanda is an experienced trainer and combines her academic and practical knowledge of the workshop topics, with healthy doses of humour and anecdotes to ensure the sessions are both impactful and enjoyable in equal measure.

Following the huge success of the book’s launch, some of the contributors to Letters to a Young Generation: Aspiring School Leaders, will be joining Amanda on Saturday 18th November to continue the discussion on being a Black school leader. We’ll discuss CPD, racial bias, support networks and everything else in between. Come ready to be inspired, empowered and uplifted and leave knowing you are one amongst many and not on your own.

“That feeling of being seen, heard and respected in a room full of black educators? Absolutely nothing like it.” Book launch attendee

“I cannot adequately convey how empowering it was to find myself in a room filled with other Black leaders like yourself.” Book launch attendee

The First 100 Days Headteachers Conference is for new and first time headteachers and for senior leaders who are considering headship.

This one-day conference will consist of keynote speeches, presentations, panels – and more than the odd anecdote – delivered by serving headteachers who have all been where you are or are hoping to get to. Most importantly, because all the heads who will be speaking on the day are serving headteachers, they are currently dealing with the same type of highs and lows you may encounter when you step into your role. We want you to know that you are not alone!

The 2024 conference will take place in London on Saturday 22nd June 2024.

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Challenging Conversations

This highly popular session has featured as part of the Teach First NPQ Conference and as a stand alone session for individuals.

“I was able to reflect on my approach and perceptions/misconceptions that anyone can have going into a potentially difficult situation.” Teach First Delegate

Through the lens of Transactional Analysis you’ll gain an understanding of the psychology that underpins conversations and the complexities of what takes place on the pre-conscious and unconscious levels when we interact with others. Keep checking back for details of the next session.