5 tips for getting yourself ready for a promotion.

A new year often heralds a new incentive for getting off your backside and going for that promotion. It’s the time of year when everything suddenly looks different; either the rose-coloured spectacles have come off, making you realise there’s more to life than being stuck in a job you hate, or you have a DamascusContinue reading “5 tips for getting yourself ready for a promotion.”

My role as an LSA inspired me to become a teacher

I haven’t always worked in education. My first career was in retail and the roles I had varied from working in a local pharmacy, to managing a book shop.  My last role in retail was as a training manager for Tesco. But when my career hit a wall – I wanted to become a personnelContinue reading “My role as an LSA inspired me to become a teacher”

A letter to Early Career Teachers

Dear Early Career Teacher, Congratulations! By virtue of the fact that you’ve acquired this new, if somewhat weird, title it means you’ve had your portfolio of evidence signed off by your mentor and are on your way to starting your first teaching post. No doubt you’ve been congratulated by family, friends and the trainee teachersContinue reading “A letter to Early Career Teachers”